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​​​Updated on March 15, 2018

Lauren Delesky - Director of Instrumental Activities

           Anna D'Achille - Director of Choral Activities




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Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest 

Welcome to the Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest Music Department! We are so looking forward to working with each and every one of you! Music is essential to a creative and productive childhood; it gives students a successful method of expression, helps with the development of coordination and motor skills, and can be used as an enjoyable aid to learn other academic material. In secondary-level students, music helps foster life skills such as dedication, discipline, perseverance, and time management, and provides meaningful opportunities for self-discovery and growth. However beneficial and true these reasons may be, they are not nearly as important as this final one: at all grades and ages, the study of music instills a creative curiosity, as well as yearning and appreciation for the aesthetic experience.  Facts may be taught, but meaning is discovered. Making music helps us get in touch with our feelings, our culture, our human history, and our sense of purpose and belonging - music teaches humanity.

We believe that real learning is not a study about things, but rather an experience inside things. Making music is surely one of life’s most real experiences!  We believe that self-expression and creativity are two of the most vital skills that education can foster. Making music can be one of life’s most expressive and creative experiences.  In addition, learning to make personal judgments that are rational and grounded in knowledge and preparation are essential to mature adult thinking. Making music offers one the opportunity to practice to perform, while making hundreds of important decisions and musical judgments every minute!

Throughout this year, students will be able to craft and develop a coherent musical intellect, improving upon their vocal and instrumental abilities, music literacy, listening skills, and performance techniques. They will participate, create, and respond to music in a variety of contexts and methods. They will also discover and discuss the qualities of excellent musical ensembles, and consequently learn how to exemplify those qualities. Ultimately, we want to foster an appreciation and love for music in parents and students alike, and there are few ways better than through performing ensembles. 

Welcome back to school to all of the students and staff. What a special opportunity we have to experience the power of music!

Best Wishes, 

Ms. Anna D'Achille, Director of Choral Activities

Ms. Lauren A. Delesky, Director of Instrumental Activities

Northern Valley Regional High School Demarest

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​​​​​​​​​​​      Welcome to the Home of the Northern Valley                  Demarest High School Music Department!!


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