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​​​Updated on March 15, 2018


Please print and mail this membership form, along with your membership dues, to:

Norsemen Music Parents Association
150 Knickerbocker Rd.
Demarest, NJ 07626

The Norseman Music Parents Association is a volunteer group, open to all, dedicated to promoting the musical programs at Northern Valley Regional HS at Demarest. Membership is comprised of parents of current students, alumni, and other supporters of the Music Department. 

Primary activities are fund raising to: support the yearly scholarship awards, provide grants for 
music study, help the students in their own fundraising activities, commission new works for our student ensembles, bring in guest musicians to work with and speak to our students, and support special initiatives such as "Prelude to Piano" which resulted in the school acquiring a new world-class Steinway B grand piano. 

In addition to fund raising activities, the NMPA takes a very proactive role in representing the best interest of the music program to the school and the community. As an advocate of the musical arts within the Northern Valley educational system, you can be assured of a voice that is heard. 

Membership is through donation. Basic membership suggested donation is $25 per family. Gold level membership is $50 and Platinum level membership is $100 or more.  We need your support at a level with which you are comfortable.  

Most important is your donation of time.  We ask that everyone get involved, even if it is in a small capacity.  You will be contacted when volunteers are needed.  Attending the few meetings we hold each school year will help the Norsemen Music Parents Association develop new ideas and continue to grow.  

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